Not Comfortable Fit – Heel Slippage

I have been contemplating for awhile whether I should write a review about Kinship sneakers and decided to do so.

In December, I bought two pairs of CP shoes (common project White and Black). The quality and craftsmanship of these shoes have significant potential in the sneaker markets. However, I have not received the experience I expected.

Since the very first day, I have been fighting with comfortable fitting of these shoes specifically in the heel area. I have been experiencing heel slippage in both pairs but more so in my White pair. I tried to adjust the shoes (White) with shoe inserts/insoles as well as swapping the shoe footbeds. Nothing works!

Furthermore, I thought the shoes might need time to break-in (the leather seem to be on the stiff side). But after over a month of trying to break them in, they are just NOT working out for me. Although the black pair fits me better, but they are not as comfortable as I expected either. I believe the main issue is with the heel and the stiffness of the leather.

I contacted Kinship and exchanged a few emails with Yamada Ichiko to try to solve the heel slippage problem, but after a couple emails he went quiet.

I am very heart broken and disappointed.