Highly recommend for its trainers and service.

I highly recommend Kinship for its trainers AND service.

By way of explanation, I’ve been looking for a pair of classic slim design white style trainers made with quality Italian leather for some time now, but often found such style of trainers being sold for extortionate prices. It was actually through an Instagram Ad that I came across Kinship. At £220 for a pair with the promise of hassle-free 14 day return and exchange, I thought I’d give it a go. I can assure you that its most definitely worth your time to give CP trainers and service a go.

Style and quality is subjective, but for me the AL trainers were perfect and exactly what i was after. Slim and smart in design, strong yet comfortable in its material and fit, I was truly impressed.

Then the service was truly beyond reproach. The first pair that came through my door didn’t feel like the perfect fit and I queried whether i should have gone a size smaller (in fact, CP does recommend that you order a size below your norm on their website but I chose to ignore it!). So I emailed Kinship and almost immediately Ichiko responded personally and gave me an impassioned response to my queries as well as showing genuine concern whether that pair was right for me. Once I confirmed I’d like an exchange Ichiko emailed me a pre-paid label and within a week I had the perfect pair through – exchange was truly hassle-free.

I then ordered a black pair, but when it arrived I just didn’t think the style of black trainers suited me (again, this is very subjective and so I can’t blame the trainer itself), so I emailed for a refund; I immediately got a very understanding email from Ichiko, and following an exchange of emails I concluded that I’d like to regret a refund. So Ichiko sent me a pre-paid label and within a few days an email confirming the refund was received followed by payment – refund was truly hassle-free.

I would highly recommend supporting this start-up trainer brand. Again, style is subjective, but with the immense quality in service, there’s simply nothing to lose in giving CPs a go, and thats why I’d Highly recomend CPs!